Gabriel Anello, Senior Consultant

Mr. Gabriel Anello has over 20 years' experience in the field of forensic economics and data consulting and has worked on over 500 cases. He has worked on projects relating to economic analysis and education statistics.

Previously, he was the Practice Support and Data Analysis Supervisor at a law firm, where he supervised a client-facing data analysis team specializing in labor and employment matters. Mr. Anello has made calculations related to wage and hour cases under the FLSA and other state and local labor regulations in numerous matters.

Mr. Anello is experienced in conducting statistical analysis related to reductions in force. He has also calculated wage and hour damages in both State and Federal cases and served as a data consultant in mediations.

Mr. Anello's projects with Employment Research Corporation include:

  • Preparing damages calculations for use in mediations relating to FLSA and other state wage and hour issues.
  • In California wage and hour matters, evaluating employee time and payroll records on issues related to meal and rest breaks, regular rate, expenses, and other wage and hour claims and preparing declarations and reports.


Mr. Anello obtained his BA in Mathematics from Williams College.



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