Carrie Thorpe, Analyst

Ms. Carrie Thorpe joined Employment Research Corporation with extensive experience in data analysis and programming.

Ms. Thorpe's projects with Employment Research Corporation include:

  • Examine client company data for statistical discrepancies in the hiring, promotion, termination or wages of protected groups
  • Design, maintain and analyze databases and spreadsheets using complex queries, macros and modules
  • Craft data-entry instructions and supervised staff in data coding in employment cases
  • Research and write reports on employment mitigation efforts in wrongful termination cases
  • Effectively communicate with clients regarding research and analysis to ensure accuracy and understanding
  • Design and test surveys and online survey programming in wage and hour class action matters
  • Calculate economic loss and economic valuation of life care plans in injury cases

Ms. Thorpe obtained her B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Michigan. Additionally, she was a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at Northwestern University.



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