California Wage and Hour and Other
State and Local Labor Standards

Employment Research Corporation has had the opportunity to work on FLSA and wage and hour issues around the country and has substantial experience in California wage and hour disputes and matters involving other state and local labor standards.

Some examples of cases worked on by Employment Corporation include:

  • Estimating the economic loss of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit involving a large national retail chain in California.  Employment Research Corporation\'s analysis included conducting a survey to estimate incidence of the violations and modeling damages that would be due under multiple claims, including failure to pay all wages due, commission errors, unlawful deductions, untimely termination pay, failure to pay for off-the-clock work, and missed meal and rest periods
  • Determining the economic loss of plaintiffs in a case involving a large financial institution\'s failure to pay wages in accordance with Federal and State labor laws.  This case also involved creating and administering a survey and building a damages model.  Analysis included calculation of unpaid wages and overtime due to employees based on the assumption they were misclassified as exempt, as well as calculation of meal and rest breaks due and other claims under state laws
  • For a national retail chain, reviewing survey results with respect to plaintiffs\' claim under California law that job previewing during the interview process involved uncompensated time.
  • Expert testimony and analysis to analyze whether wage rates are in accordance with a State\'s prevailing wage law.



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